Saturday, June 29, 2013

How Lobbying Spenders Make a Law

U.S. Senate passed a giant, 1,200 page immigration bill.

The Senate bill provides $50 billion for border security measures.

Boeing and a team of companies including L-3 Communications and
L-3 Government Services, Washington D.C.; Unisys, Reston, Va.;
Perot Systems, Plano, Texas; Kollsman Inc., Merrimack, N.H.; and
DRS Surveillance and Reconnaissance Group, Palm Bay, Fla.,
have formally placed a bid.

Boeing Is Top Lobbying Spenders In Washington.
Boeing spokeswoman Susan Bradley says the company recently decided to re-engage with the Washington legislature on issues of what she calls “business competitiveness.”

Total Lobbying Expenditures
    for Parent L-3 Communications in 2010: $4,930,000

Total Lobbying Expenditures
    for Parent Unisys Corp: $906,349

Total Lobbying Expenditures
    for Parent Perot Systems in 2006: $247,713

DRS Technologies announced on September 25 that it has been selected to be a member of the Boeing Company SBInet team.
The work will be performed by DRS Surveillance and Reconnaissance Group of Palm Bay, Fla.

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